Song of the Day - Sadness Is the Rich Man's Drug by The Ropes

I think, I might have had a fan submission a few weeks back. I'm not sure, but I'm sticking with the story because it sounds good. The e-mail ended with "I can't believe they're not more known." which made me think it was. Anyway, the submission was for a group called The Ropes, a two-piece out of New York City, Sharon Shy and Toppy. On their Soundcloud page, the band says they're from Antarctica, but on Facebook and their Bandcamp page I see New York City as their home base, and we'll run with that.  

The title track from their new EP, 'Sadness Is the Rich Man's Drug' mesmerizes with an unsettling synth beat and vocals dripping in melancholia. After a few listens, I agree with the submitter and I'm left wondering how they are not known. It's quite an intriguing track, stream it or watch the video below, it's my Song of the Day!

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