Song of the Day - Something Different by The Dead Tapes

A few months back, I stumbled across two guys playing Jack White inspired garage rock. And I was intrigued by it, enough to keep an eye on the band and report back with new music. While they leaned a bit too much on the influence, I felt like they tossed enough of their own personality into the mix to make it entirely compelling and full of promise. This is the report notifying you of new music from this talented duo. And it's just as good as the completely unhinged 'Alright' I featured late in the  summer. This time out, it's a bluesy slow burner, but make no mistake, it might just be their most accessible work to date.

The Norfolk, VA based 2-piece band consists of Aaron Bariso on vocals/guitar and Eddie Barber on drums. Stream 'Something Different' below, it's the Song of the Day!

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