Song of the Day - TV Wheels by Primitive Parts

I'm not going to lie, the first few seconds of Primitive Parts' song 'TV Wheels' almost made me close the tab. Something about it just didn't feel right, the drums sounded all wrong, and I wasn't into it all. But I soldiered on (more like 2 seconds later) and that riff hit me. And I was hooked, hard. It's a 2 minute blast of infectious indie-pop/punk from Brighton, UK, and I just bought the tracks from Faux Discx Records.

The band consists of three friends (Lindsay Corstorphine, Kevin Hendrick, and Robin Christian) who play in different bands such as Sauna Youth, Monotony, and Male Bonding. They'll be touring the UK early next year, and will surely be an act to keep an eye on. Stream the infinitely fun 'TV Wheels' below, it's the Song of the Day!

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