Song of the Day - Veneer by The September Girls

One of last week's deliveries was from a band I've neglected to speak about here, the Dublin based 5-piece The September Girls. I became aware of the band earlier in the year because of their association with Manchester's Haus of Pins Records, and if you've been hanging around here at all, you'll know the PINS are in exalted territory. 

The September Girls are now looking to make the leap into the States with a jump to Kanine Records out of Brooklyn. Kanine is a top notch outfit and have shipped several pieces of vinyl my way in the last few months, Beverly's Careers and several from Eternal Summers, all 3 to tell the truth. Anyway, the September Girls have a new 4-track EP out this week, Veneer, and it doesn't veer too far from the band's previous works. It's shoegazy/psych rock and roll with some lovely witchy vocal harmonies.

Check out the sweetly unsettling first video from the EP, Veneer. It's all a bit Black Belles like, which means it's great, and it's also the Song of the Day!

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