Sturgill Simpson at Workplay Theater

At some point, I'll get around to commenting on Sturgill Simpson's performance at Workplay Theater last Sunday. The first thought that came to mind about 4 songs into his set was that I was witnessing the best show I had been to this year. And I don't like country music at all. Opener Cris Jacobs really set the tone with a blistering set full of finger picking and cigar box stompers, then Sturgill took the stage and damn near started a rock concert. He ripped through 20 songs effortlessly, and was a pure joy to watch from 10 feet away. The band was loose, the sound was great, and the show was electric.

For now, just some photos, but with a caveat -- they are point and shoot photos. Last year I bought a point and shoot camera that allowed me to shoot in RAW mode, a Canon G15. And while it's not up to the task like my Canon 5d Mark III with a 24mm-70mm f2.8 lens, it does well in reasonably well lit venues. And Workplay's lighting was fantastic. I didn't seek out a photo pass this time, didn't think there was a chance, enjoyed the show even more. Ok, on to the photos.

Cris Jacobs

Might be my favorite shot of the night, footwear of a country music star!