Top Prospect #2 - Adia Victoria

Ok, we lied, Top Prospect #2 (no, they aren't in order) isn't from London, instead we're staying in the Music City for our second entry in our Top Prospects series. Top Prospect #2 is Nashville's Adia Victoria. With just one song in the wild on Soundcloud, it had to be lights out fantastic to make the list, and it is. 'Stuck in the South' is a mesmerizing slice of gothic Southern rock and roll. It's Southern to the core, mixing delta blues, country, and rock and roll for a mix all her own, not to mention an unflinching view of the South with her unique vocal stylings.

We saw Adia and band at the Secret Stages Festival in Birmingham the first week of August, their first show outside of Nashville. They played an early set, and the crowd was light, but Adia wasn't having any of that. She beckoned everyone milling around the main stage in for a closer look, probably as much for her as anything else. Then she finger picked her way to a dynamite 40 minute blues soaked set that surely made many new fans, we were impressed, as you can certainly tell by the inclusion in the Top Prospects list.

We've been following Adia on social media since, and haven't heard any news of new music, but she has mentioned some live dates here and there, a few one time dates, but no lengthy tours. We are anxious to hear new music, and for an expanded tour schedule as we think they are going to have a big 2015. Adia Victoria is: Adia Victoria vocals/guitar, guitarist Mason Hickman, bassist Ruby Rogers of The Black Belles, and drummer Tiffany Minton who we saw with Pujol later that evening. Stream Stuck in the South below.

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