Top Prospect #4 - Empathy Test

The fourth entry in our Top Prospects for 2015 series is no stranger to the pages here at Aimless Skylarking. A quick look shows the band has had more Songs of the Day than any other artist, and many more mentions over the course of the year. In our first year here, we've discovered we enjoy a bit of synth-pop, but if you had asked us about it early last year, our sideways glance in response could have burned as hot as 1000 suns.  Not so now, Chvrches, opened our ears to the reimagining of the genre, and then Empathy Test sneaked into the tiny opening and earned their stay with their first offering, the cold and detached 'Losing Touch'.

Since that first effort, the London based 2-piece (childhood friends Isaac Howlett and Adam Relf ) band has had a summer full of highlights -- a record deal with Stars & Letters Records out of Brooklyn and their first gig.  Couple that with soundtracks for Climate ChangeNBA playoffsBill Murray art, and animated cats for an enviable year. Many artists would consider meeting a certain fellow at the crossroads for a year like that. The band is on the cusp of something bigger here and we are excited to see how their 2015 unfolds. In fact, we've enjoyed watching it all from afar. Perhaps we'll get lucky and catch a performance when we're in London Spring of 2015 and get band t-shirt to add to our collection.

Their new EP, Throwing Stones, is due out December 9th, but the band is holding an EP launch gig Friday the November 28th at 19:30 at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen in London. New Arcades is providing support. As of this posting, tickets were still available for £7.

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