Top Prospect #5 - Lazy Day

We're now at the mid-point of our Top Prospects series with today being the 5th artist we're excited about in 2015. Today's Top Prospect is the London based 4-piece Lazy Day. What started as a solo bedroom side-project of Hella Better Dancer's Tilly Scantlebury, turned full time gig in the wake of the band's dissolution. Now a full band with guitarist Harry Bainbridge, bassist Jonathan Coddington, and drummer Beni Evans joining Tilly, they are set to play their first gig, a sold out December 1st performance at London's The Waiting Room.

Photo by Billy Boyd Cape

We here at Aimless Skylarking can think of no other voice that has us so entirely fascinated as that of Lazy Day's Tilly.  As we noted in an earlier piece, her expansive voice is in equal measures dark and mysterious as well as warm and inviting. Had the heartbreaking song 'TV' been released this year, it would be our top choice for our favorite songs of the year. Tales of the last gasps of a relationship get into well tread territory, yet the beauty here is in the execution, composed and without a hint of theatrics makes this tale of despair a remarkably satisfying effort. In its absence in our upcoming 2014 Songs of the Year list, the track 'Oldest Friend' from the Beech Coma Volume 2 compilation just may capture that prize as our favorite. We're excited at the possibility of new music from the band and live dates in 2015, and also possibly catching a performance when we return to London in the Spring. Of course, a Lazy Day t-shirt would be compulsory, anytime we can pair lazy with aimless, we've won.

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