Top Prospect #6 - And The Echo

There are lots of misconceptions about the South, to list them all would be an exercise in futility. Mostly, we here in the South don't really care what others think of us, but sometimes when we encounter a misinformed person, we try to set them straight. Yes, we have indoor plumbing, air conditioning too, and no, we don't marry our siblings, although marriage by first cousins is possible in most Southern states. By the way, you can do that in such highfalutin places like California and New York too. Anyway, even after living in the South for my entire life, I'm occasionally surprised by something, and synth-pop being made here is one thing I've found hard to believe. I just didn't think it existed, or was even possible. But, it is, Oxford, Mississippi's And The Echo make synth-pop, and it's fantastic.

The sixth entry in our Top Prospects for 2015 is the Oxford, Mississippi based synth-pop band, And The Echo. Winn McElroy and Morgan Pennington started the project in March of 2014 because they loved electronic pop music. The two had collaborated on some solo acoustic material Morgan had written, really good material as a matter of fact, and on a whim they decided to back it with a synth track. And that's how the project took off.

We here at Aimless Skylarking have seen And The Echo twice now, once at the Secret Stages Festival in Birmingham in August, and just this week at the Bottletree Cafe in Birmingham. Both times, I was blown away by their sound, now equally impressed with the new light show. The band has taken basic cues from the wildly popular Scottish synth band Chvrches, yet their sound is all their own, it's darker, moodier, with a streak of melancholy tinging it all. Their latest performance at the Bottletree Cafe showed the band on top of their game; breezing from song to song backed by a choreographed light show that made them appear to have far more than 8 months together as a unit.

After the show, we stopped at the merch table and picked up two 7 inch singles, met most everyone in the band along with partners, and then chatted with Winn for a few minutes. We spoke about the show, the new light show, new music, future releases, and festival dates. We are excited for the band's potential in 2015. With new music in the form of an LP coming, and an expanded set of tour dates (crossing my fingers for SXSW for the band), the band is poised to reach a larger audience and break through to bigger things. We certainly like their chances, stream a few of our favorites from the band below, and get them on your radar for next year.

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