Top Prospect #7 - BIRD

The 7th entry in our Top Prospects for 2015 might come as a surprise to some because the band is no more. Initially, the band wasn't on our list because we thought they had a really nice year and were trending upward. But now that they've decided to call it quits, we are curiously excited about the future of the members of the band. When we first heard the unexpected news, we were dismayed, and sad, hoping for some news about why they were disbanding. Everyone always wants to know why, but, honestly, it's not important, it's over and there's not much we can do about it.

The Liverpudlian 4-piece art rock band amazed us with their expertly crafted debut album, My Fear and Me. Frontwoman Adele Emma's gorgeous vocals and sense of cinematic grandeur bewitched upon first listen, growing with repeated visits. Guitarist Sian's understated guitar work filled the vast corners of the work, Lex's tribal beats built the foundation, while Christian's haunting synths set the tone. The album feels greater than the medium upon which it is presented, resonating with many forms of art -- poetry, film, photography, and other forms of visual art drift in and out of the work. It feels as if it could be the soundtrack to an era defining epic fantasy film, or part of a long forgotten poetry journal tucked away in a dusty old trunk in the attic of a Victorian home. Thinking of My Fear and Me as just a musical experience is foolish, fine art doesn't often come in the form of a debut LP, but the band managed to pull off the feat. And now, it's over.

We know that talented artists aren't silent for long, the font of inspiration is hardly ever dry, and we feel that whatever rises from the ashes of BIRD will be incredible. While we are sad for the end of this chapter, we are excited to see what 2015 holds for the former members of the band, and hope they keep sharing their art with us.