Top Prospects for 2015

Starting this weekend, we here at Aimless Skylarking are going to roll out ten artists we're excited for in 2015. If you've been reading here, there won't be any surprises at all, surprises will be abound when we get our top albums/songs posted. The criteria for artists wasn't terribly stringent, but we tried to keep it to relatively new artists who've teased us or maybe gained a bit of buzz, and have some exciting things planned for 2015. A few artists have just one song in the wild, the majority have an EP or two, and one even has a full album. Most all have live dates and new music in the plans for 2015.

We're starting a bit early because we have a lot to share at the end of the year, and we'd like to take a small break the week of Christmas. The boss has already ordered a mandatory shut down to regroup. In addition to the list of artists we are excited for, we have 20 favorite albums, and 30 favorite songs to detail. Toss in a few shows on the books to photograph, as well as a few interviews lined up, and we thought it was best to start the proceedings as quickly as we could have the lists cobbled together.

While our first rough draft contained such Aimless Skylarking favorites as PINS, AmandaX, and Cayetana, we had to exclude them because they've all had successful albums this year (PINS LP was a 2014 US release). We're excited for their 2015's too, PINS have all but wrapped up their 2nd LP, and AmandaX is working on their follow-up to 'Amnesia' right now, and Cayetana just released their amazing debut and are gaining a following, plus they have a few tour stops on the books. However, each of those bands will feature in later lists, we couldn't exclude them because they played a huge part in our musical enjoyment this year.

Coming up with a list of artists was reasonably easy, we didn't even have to think deeply, and had 10 bands on the whiteboard in the command headquarters in a matter of minutes, however, we're flummoxed over what to call the parade. Since we're sports fans, we're going to use a sports term, Top Prospects. That may change next year, but for now, it'll do. Sunday will be the first of the ten Top Prospects, a Nashville artist if you must ask, one who we adore. Then, Monday, a London artist, and we might stick around in London for a few pints before moving up to Scotland. See, we've given far too many clues. Check back in Sunday to see who's on our list!