Favorite Albums of 2014 (11-15)

Today is the 2nd entry in my Favorite Albums of 2014 list. Yesterday, I detailed 16-20, today is 11-15. If you missed yesterday's entry, read all about it here.

11. Pujol Kludge - Nashville's garage rock poet stuffed an album full of philosophy and wrapped it in a quirky fun punk-pop exterior. I try not to buy the same album twice, but I did with this offering, digitally when it was released and then months later on vinyl. His live show is an experience, the breakneck pace is refreshing, no futzing around with anything, just on to the next bout of fun.  

Essential tracks:

'Circles', 'Sacred Harp BFK', 'Dark Haired Suitor', 'Youniverse'

12. Benjamin Booker Benjamin Booker  - The band's electric performance of 'Violent Shiver' on the Letterman show made many take notice, including Jack White who slotted them in a support slot for a handful of summer tour dates. The blues punk newcomers' debut album showed they weren't a one hit wonder.

Essential tracks:

'Violent Shiver', 'Have You See My Son?', 'Slow Coming', 'Wicked Waters'

13. The Twilight Sad Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave - Lucky number 13. Indie rock Scottish miserablists craft a collection of melancholic tales of relationships falling apart. But, it can't be truly appreciated until you see them live. Frontman James Graham's pained emotions spill out on the stage, with everyone in attendance wondering what's so gloomy in Scotland. It's not to be missed.

Essential tracks:

'Last January', 'It Never Was the Same', 'Drown So I Can Watch'

14. Cayetana Nervous Like Me - Philadelphia pop-punk trio captured my ear with the sadly beautiful 'Scott, Get the Van, I'm Moving' and haven't given it back. Augusta Koch's pained vocal delivery of 'The hardest part of moving out, is I remember moving in/The hardest part of breaking my fall, is I am nothing but skin' could melt the hardest of hearts. Their debut LP is 30 minutes stuffed full of catchy hooks and earnest passion, it begs to be replayed. Over and over.

Essential tracks:

'Serious Things Are Stupid', 'Scott, Get the Van, I'm Moving', 'Black Hills', 'Hot Dad Calendar'

15. St. Vincent St. Vincent - Annie Clark's 4th full length as St. Vincent shows her at her most self assured, seemingly detaching and pushing the St. Vincent persona to another level. Somewhere in all that endearing aloofness, glimpses of playfulness exist. But only on her terms, much like a cat bringing you the string. Thick synths, whip smart observations, and the ultimate contrast to it all, a rush of virtuoso Black Sabbath guitar noise makes this her finest effort to date.

Essential tracks:

'Rattlesnake', 'Digital Witness', 'Birth in Reverse', 'Every Tear Dissapears'