Song of the Day - Break Hearts by Lull

All of my end of the year lists are now complete,

10 Top Prospects for 201520 favorite albums of 2014, and 50 favorite songs of 2014. It's high time I get back to attacking the mountain of submissions in the email inbox. I'm laugh-crying right now as I skim all of the untended to emails. It's sad, but, I'm off work for the next 9 days. Sifting through it all just might take that long, but I'm anxious to see what it holds.

A quick peek during my lunch break revealed a London based 4-piece making some noise pop that I've enjoyed getting to know. The recently formed band describes themselves as one part Portuguese, one part Mancunian, and 2 parts Southern, now based in North London. They submitted their 3-track EP, Dead or Alone, a few weeks back, and I'm taken with 'Break Hearts'. It reminds me so much of the radio friendly post-grunge tunes of the late 90's. It's also a free download on their Bandcamp page if you like you what you hear. I certainly like what I hear, and want to share it with you, stream 'Break Hearts' below, it's my Song of the Day!  

Lull are Toby, Jon, Filipe, and Simon.

For more information on Lull: