Song of the Day - Just Like Glue by The Orielles

When I first started Aimless Skylarking (before the days of my overflowing email inbox) I had to really dig for new music. It's not any easier today, mainly because there isn't a happy medium, it's either too many submissions all at once or not enough. But, sometimes an email introduction via a press agent or an artist is just what a blogger flatlining and bereft of words really needs for a kickstart. I'm not complaining about how busy I've become, at all, but I certainly enjoy an organic search and discovery when I can swing it.

One way I discovered music back then was by listening to whoever one of my favorite UK based music photographers was shooting. Whenever I'd see new photos on his Flickr page, or on the various websites he was shooting for, I'd investigate and listen. Just recently, he photographed an energetic 3-piece, The Orielles, and I liked what I heard. Yesterday, the band released 'Just Like Glue' the b-side to the 2015 single 'Space Doubt'. It's a heavenly slice of garage pop, and I want to share it here. Stream it below, it's my Song of the Day!    

The Orielles are: Esme (bass/vocals), Henry (guitar/vocals), and Sid (drums).

For more information on The Orielles: