Song of the Day - Just You by Life Model

Cult classic Twin Peaks is making a return in 2016 with David Lynch and Mark Frost resurrecting the series for Showtime with a limited nine-episode run. I remember way back when it first aired, amazing out of the gate, and then fizzled a bit in its 2nd season before a premature cancellation. When Netflix added it to their streaming service a few years back, I watched it again, and fully understood why it became a cult classic. It wasn't for everyone, quirky and offbeat, many just shook their heads and walked away, some stuck around for Sherilyn Fenn, and a select few were gripped by the world Lynch created, never missing an episode. So what does all of this have to do with music? Well, the Glaswegian dream pop band Life Model have released a Twin Peaks cover, 'Just You'. And the band's brand of dreamy shoegaze pop is a perfect fit for the tune. It really works.

It seems as if I'm perpetually behind, mountains of submissions get buried in my inbox, and bands that I discover get scribbled down on scraps of paper, or even worse, bookmarked. I discovered Life Model earlier this year when I fell for their delightful shoegazing track 'Come Round', but, they were lost in the shuffle, and before I realized it, it was too late. So, today will serve as an introduction to Life Model, and to say 'Just You' is the Song of the Day. Stream 'Just You' and 'Come Round' below and fall like I did!

Life Model are: Sophie Evans (vocals), Chris Smith (guitar), Stuart Warnock (guitar), Joanne McCafferty (bass), and Michael McDonald (drums).

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