Song of the Day - Miss Mortitioner by Albert Bagman

With 9 days off work I've become very much aimless, so much so, I took the weekend off from any website activities. I needed a break, I think. Then there's the skylarking to contend with, and there's always been far too much of that. There are dozens of "shiny" objects around the house to distract me even when I know the email inbox is overflowing. But anyway, a few weeks back, I get an email from an artist with a not yet mastered song and a video to go along with the song. Get this, he had a bag on his head for the entire video, and his name was Albert. Albert Bagman. And, yet, in all its peculiarity, the song shined through. There was this haunting quality about it, and it stuck with me. I can only tell you that Albert is from Baltimore, a truly mysterious character. With a bag over his head, and no social media links, all we have is his music. I want to share his music with you today, stream Albert's 'Miss Mortitioner' below, it's my Song of the Day! 

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