Top Prospect #10 - Shunkan

The 10th and final selection in our Top Prospects of 2015 is the New Zealand artist Shunkan. Shunkan is Los Angeles native Marina Sakimoto who relocated to New Zealand in February 2014. Shortly after her move, a former bandmate, Reese Jensen, joined her and her new band. After discovering Marina's music from an Art Is Hard Records announcement for her EP Honey, Milk and Blood, we've been fascinated with her lo-fi shoegazy bedroom pop. In particular, two of the EP's five tracks stuck with us, 'Wash You Away' and 'Dust in Your Eyes'.

Shunkan's second EP, departed from Honey, Milk and Blood's lo-fi stylings, opting for a brighter electronic sound, yet without sacrificing heart. Relistening to the EP now, 'Sideways Sleepers' just might be her strongest work to date.

And while the ship has already sailed for us on boy bands, it never sailed, sunk in the harbor, Shunkan's take on One Direction's 'Clouds' is all sorts of fantastic. I could listen to this over and over, and unashamedly have.

The band is currently recording their debut LP, The Pink Noise. We pretty excited about hearing it, and think 2015 will be a big year for the band. Shunkan are : Marina Sakimoto (guitar, vocals), Joseph Boath (guitar), Reese Jensen (guitar), Sonny Heremia (bass), and Shanon Davis (drums).

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