Top Prospect #9 - Our Girl

The 9th entry in our Top Prospects for 2015 is the Brighton based 3-piece Our Girl. With just one song in the wild right now, this selection surprised us a bit. But, we've had to remind ourselves of why we are doing this list, and it's because there are a certain few artists with limited output who we're excited for in 2015. We're happy with the 9 artists we've called Top Prospects so far, and if we've introduced at least one person to their work, we've succeeded. And that makes us happy.

This selection makes the 2nd artist we've selected with just one available song, Adia Victoria being the other, and by selecting Our Girl, their one offering better be fantastic. 'Our Girl' is just that, it's a heady piece of guitar pop, controlled and measured, yet sounds entirely effortless.

Photo by Neil Anderson

The band started out as a project for the former Hella Better Dancer lead guitarist, Soph Nathan, now her primary focus. We discovered Hella Better Dancer earlier this year, just as the band was dissolving, and have gone on to be overzealous fans of the former members of the band, Tilly's Lazy Day and now Soph's Our Girl. The band has been gigging around Brighton and London providing support for such Aimless Skylarking favorites as, Cheatahs, Honeyblood, and Bloody Knees. And if Facebook photos are to be believed, the band is in the process of making new music. We can't wait to hear it, and see how their 2015 unfolds.      

Our Girl are Soph Nathan (vocals/guitar), Josh Tyler (bass), and Lauren Wilson (drums). Stream their one and only song below.

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