Cayetana releases video for "Scott Get the Van, I'm Moving"

Cayetana's debut LP, Nervous Like Me, landed in my end of the year list for favorite LPs. When I ranked it back then, I said this about it:

"Philadelphia pop-punk trio captured my ear with the sadly beautiful 'Scott, Get the Van, I'm Moving' and haven't given it back. Augusta Koch's pained vocal delivery of 'The hardest part of moving out, is I remember moving in/The hardest part of breaking my fall, is I am nothing but skin' could melt the hardest of hearts. Their debut LP is 30 minutes stuffed full of catchy hooks and earnest passion, it begs to be replayed. Over and over."

It's still in the rotation too, months after its release. It's that good. They're on tour again, visiting Nashville again next week, just 90 minutes away from me, but, the show is on a work night and those late nights aren't kind to me. I'm still considering it though, especially after seeing their new video for "Scott Get the Van, I'm Moving". I want one those "Turd" pins too. Watch it below.

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