Sabals at the Copper Top Bar and Grill in Huntsville, Alabama

Last Friday night, Orlando based Sabals stopped in my hometown of Huntsville, Alabama for a show at the Copper Top Bar and Grill. It was my first visit to the notorious dive bar, and actually found it to be a pretty cool joint despite the smoking atmosphere. From what I saw on the bar's Facebook page, the bar is a stopping point for many punk bands touring the South. Packed out, the place could probably hold 100 people. Plus, they had local beer on tap.  

Anyway, I'd been following Sabals since featuring their debut single, 'Blistering' as a Song of the Day, and was quite anxious to see them live. I was worried that a newly formed band wouldn't be terribly organized, or even sharp, but that was put out of mind a few seconds into to their 7-8 song set. The band was tight, and played a fantastic set, even drawing praise from several local punks at the bar. I documented the night the best way I know how, with my camera, and would like to share with you the photos I enjoyed most of all. While doing that, stream the band's debut EP, Premonitions below, it's only $4. 

Wolfy Lonesome is a friend of the band, and also a musician. He joined the band on the tour and opened for the band. He was quite good, and was a super funny guy to talk to, even sang a Replacements' song. Here's a photo I got of Wolfy.  

To see the full set of photos, 26 in all, visit my Flickr page.

Sabals are Beth Bynum (Vocals, Guitar), Dan Bynum (Guitar, Electronics), Jessica Vacha (Drums), and Trė Hester (Bass).

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