7 Tracks We Didn't Miss

The majority of content on Aimless Skylarking is guitar driven rock and roll music. It's what keeps us up at nights, and the reason why we're here. On occasion you'll find a bit of country or folk music, sometimes some synth driven pop music, and once in a blue moon, a sparse piano track. It's harder for us to like those things, and really requires work on our part, and that requires time, something we don't have a surplus around here. But, we listen to each and every track that's submitted here, and sometimes something outside of our guitar world catches us off guard. Here's 7 non-guitar tracks we liked from our email inbox.

Pillars is from London, and a bit reclusive it seems, so no really information about the artist was found. Even the press kit said reclusive. I wouldn't be looking if the song wasn't so compelling. Her debut single 'Attacker' has been remixed several times by several different people, but I really enjoyed the simplicity of the original take. Stream it below.

Another somewhat mystery artist/band is The Big Sun. Their label, Balloon Twist Records submitted their bright and airy track 'Ten Ton Truck' and I kept revisiting it. I wasn't sure what to do with it, until now. The only information about the band I could find was a name, Berry, presumably the singer. They're hoping the track becomes a top shuffle number, whatever that is. Until then, stream 'Ten Ton Truck', it's quite fun.

Liverpool songwriter, Louisa Roach, performing as She Drew the Gun, endlessly listened to Leonard Cohen records while developing her songwriting chops. Her effort ‘If You Could See’ certainly bears the fruit of her storytelling study. Lyrically dense and backed by a moody and dark track, it's a must listen. Stream it below. 

Swedish artist Raindear aka Rebecca Bergcrantz describes her sound as indie-electro, desert pop, and Disney dance. I'm going to guess that desert pop is supposed to be dessert pop, but I won't make any assumptions because you know what happens when you assume. And don't let the Disney tag scare you, it's all glacial synths and Raindear's warm voice. Stream 'Veins' below.

Photo by: Shervin Lainez

Photo by: Shervin Lainez

Los Angeles pop artist Monogem's track 'Silhouette' makes me want to dance. And I don't dance, remember the dance Elaine on Seinfeld did? Yes, that's me, except worse, and as far as you know, terrible on purpose. As a diversionary tactic, of course. Anyway, Monogem is Jen Hirsh who describes her sound as dreamy, disco-tinged, California pool-party tunes. It's all of that, and it still makes me want to dance, or dream of dancing. Join me in streaming 'Silhouette' below.

When I first heard the opening of Swedish born Jennie Abrahamson's track 'Wolf', I thought it was 'I Know There's Something Going On' by Frida (from the famed Swedish pop group Abba). The similarities ended after a few seconds with Jennie's voice and vocal delivery taking center stage. I was quite smitten with this song for several days, and still enjoy it when I revisit. Stream 'Wolf' below. 

A voice and nothing more translates to vōx et praetereā nihil in Latin, and where Los Angeles musician Sarah Winters took her stage name, vōx. It was a natural fit because she'd had the phrase tattooed across her fingers years before. I find it hard to believe that she's no more than a voice, but I'll say that her voice is big, bold, and compelling. I'm fascinated. Stream 'Money' below.