Song of the Day - Don't Follow

Posts have been a bit light around here for the past two weeks.  I've been away for two weeks vacationing in the UK, but before I left, I posted enough auto-pilot posts to keep the place on life support, including this one.  Now that I am back, I'll finish what I started with my ranking of The Replacements albums, and I'll also continue to write about the music that I like.  Of course, new music submissions are welcome, and I hope to be able to do some more Q&A sessions with bands this summer.  In fact, I may even branch out and do a few Q&A sessions with others who work in the music industry -- photographers, sound engineers, guitar techs, merch table workers, and anyone else shoveling shit in the trenches.

For now, today's Song of the Day is Don't Follow by Alice in Chains.  One the saddest damn songs, ever.