Bass Drum of Death show

I'm dragging a bit today, a late night show and a long drive home coupled with an early rise to see my nephew compete in his 2nd collegiate cross-country event has me beat.  Anyway, last night, I saw Bass Drum of Death for the 1st time in a small venue in Birmingham.  They didn't take the stage until 11pm, and then played for a solid hour.  I was pleased with the performance, and felt it get tighter as the night went on.  For the first part of the show, I took photos from the edge of the stage, right in the center.  Since it was my first time in the venue, I packed light -- I really didn't want a bulky bag in the tight confines of the Bottletree Cafe -- so it was just my camera and my fast 24-70 lens.  I really needed my 70-200 and wish I had brought it in.  Anyway, skimmed through the 400 photos I took of Bass Drum, and this is the 1st one I decided to edit and upload.  More to come.