Bully releases debut video

Nashville's Bully premiered their new video for 'Brainfreeze' today over on Gorilla vs Bear. This comes on the heels of a very busy month for the band with coverage coming from just about every major music website not to mention several dates at CMJ. Toss that on top of SXSW, ACL, Bonnaroo, a mini tour with Benjamin Booker, and a fall tour with Drowners for one tip-top year so far. 

We here at Aimless Skylarking are fans of the band, and are excited to see what 2015 holds for them. We saw the band twice, in Memphis with about 25 people total in the venue, and then in a near capacity room in Atlanta's famed Masquerade club. In Atlanta, the band expanded on their set, playing a full album worth of songs while winning over a young crowd with their infectious melodies. Many of the songs were new and should be included on a full length, which according to frontwoman Alicia is in the works. Their latest EP is available at Amazon  or iTunes right now.

Bully at the Hi-Tone Lounge in Memphis

Bully's Alicia Bognanno

'Brainfreeze' is the preferred Bully track at the Aimless Skylarking Headquarters, and if you didn't catch the video at the link above, watch it right here.

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New deliveries

It's been another light week around here, only one delivery and two items from shows we attended. Blank Range, a Nashville rock and roll 5-piece, opened for Benjamin Booker in Birmingham and I enjoyed their set. The guys in the band were quite nice, either that or I was so drunk that I misread the whole situation, but I bought some merch anyway, supporting bands is my thing. Anyway, after a drunken discussion about grunge and U2, I walked away from the merch table with a 7 inch for 'Scrapin'.  To boot, they tossed in a glow in the dark pin.

After recovering from the night at the Bottletree, we made our way to Atlanta to see another favorite band, Bully, who just so happened to open for Benjamin Booker on that poorly attended Memphis show.  They were opening for the New York based indie rock band Drowners at the famed Masquerade in Atlanta.  I had secured a photo pass for the show, but since I'd not been to the Masquerade before, I opted to just go and enjoy the performance.  Turns out, just like the Booker show the night before, not having the heavy camera around my neck made the show more enjoyable.  Bully played all 6 of their songs and a handful of new tunes, and did a fantastic job of making several new fans.

Between sets, I spoke to Alicia for a few minutes and she said that new material in the form of an LP would be out in about 3 months.  I'm anxious to hear the new material outside of a packed club. Since I made the 3.5 hour drive to see the band, I couldn't walk away with nothing.  I picked up their new t-shirt, my 3rd from the band, and then watched Alicia get swarmed with fans of the Drowners after their set.

Here's the crowd swarming the merch table after the Drowners' set. I'm happy to say that Alicia handled it all very well, and made a lot of new friends and fans.  The crowd was 90% college age females, and Bully retweeted many photos of the set and their merch the next morning.  New fans, Go Bully!

And then, the final delivery of the week was the latest LP from Dallas native Sarah Jaffe, Don't Disconnect.  I ordered from her website instead of Amazon in hopes of actually sending a few more coins her way.  Great LP, pick it up if you can.  

And yes, for those interested, or wanting to poke fun, that is a piece of oak furniture.  It's required to own something oak in the South, and this is the last hold out at the Aimless Skylarking headquarters, the desk I'm sitting behind right now.  Ok, now, go listen to Blank Range, Bully, and Sarah Jaffe.  Also, peek in on Drowners too, their live set was pretty all right.