New vinyl from Hella Better Dancer

I'll admit to being late to the game when it comes to a lot of bands, and I'm fine with it.  Sure, it's nice to discover an artist as they release their first piece of work, but I can't be everywhere all of the time.  Inevitably, I miss something, but I think that makes the discovery so much sweeter.

A few months back, I discovered the London based indie rock band Hella Better Dancer.  The band has been around for a handful of years, flying under my radar, being awesome.  My first impression (I couldn't tell you what I heard first) was that I enjoyed their work, but wasn't blown away.  That was my fault because these days I haven't been able to truly dedicate a ton of time in the discovery phase, it has to grip me quick.  That all changed with the Beech Coma Volume 2 compilation album. The album featured a track from the band and one from Tilly as Lazy Day.  I fell head over heels after hearing 'Like A Child' by the band, 'Oldest Friend' by Lazy Day, and then later I heard 'Our Girl' by Soph Nathan.  Shortly after that, I bought two EPs from their Bandcamp, and then two more from Amazon.  Now, I can't quit listening to 'Brother', 'Last Song', 'Hundred Balloons', 'Take This', 'Last Song', all of their tracks to be honest.  I find a new favorite each day.

The only thing that was missing was the 'Sleeptalking' 7 inch from Beautiful Strange Records. I checked that off the list this week, receiving 26/100 in the mail.  Total for the package was £8 or about $12 shipped to the States, very reasonable for such a quality package.    

Check out the video from Sleeptalking below. Billy Boyd Cape directed it, and it's as fantastic as the track.  

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