Song of the Day - Always Boys

The backlog around Aimless Skylarking is beginning to look a bit manageable, if by manageable I mean a mess of three browser windows open with 12-15 tabs open in each, then, yes, all sorted.  But, I'm working on it all, with today's weather in Alabama being utterly unbearable, 97° with high humidity and no wind makes for a perfect day to stay indoors.  Well, maybe it cool down enough for a quick 2 or 3 mile run tonight.    

Anyway, today's Song of the Day is from the London based band, Big Deal.  'Always Boys' is pure power pop perfection -- lovely vocals, driving guitars, and a head bobbing beat makes this a Saturday favorite.  It's been on repeat for 30 minutes now.  Listen below, love it, and then find out more about this great sounding band.      

For more information on Big Deal: