Favorite Songs of 2014

In early July, we compiled a list of our favorite songs of the year, so far. Doing that seemed fun at the time, lists always are to us, it's one of the reasons why we're here. Now, at the tail end of the year, we're faced with making a list of our favorite songs of the year, and we really don't know what to do with those songs from then. We still love them, listen to them quite often in fact, but we feel like we should exclude them from our end of the year list. Next year, we won't go to the trouble of composing any silly mid-year lists. Before we start rolling out our 30 favorite songs early next week, we'd like to revisit our mid-year favorites, 20 in all. Stream them all below in one handy playlist created just for you.

Since BIRD's 'Sea of Trees' wasn't on Soundcloud or Bandcamp, this YouTube video of a performance of the song will have to suffice. 

Song of the Day - Stitches

I first learned of Bloody Knees earlier this year when I picked up their split with the excellent Birdskulls.  The EP included Bones and Bed Tomb as well as Alley Gorey and Cycles from the Birdskulls.  Thick riffs and feedback feature heavily in Bloody Knees' brand of soft/loud garage rock.

This week they've released the title track from their upcoming 6-track EP, Stitches.  Stitches is out August 25 on Dog Knights Productions.

Today's Song of the Day is the very cool 'Stitches', it has to be because of these lyrics: "I'm covered in blood, but at least I'm having fun."  Right you are!  Listen to Stitches below.

For more information about Bloody Knees: