Esper Scout in Seattle at the Victory Lounge tomorrow night

A few weeks back we featured a favorite English band, Esper Scout, and their very cool track 'Carpet of a Crest'. We've been keeping tabs on the band, and spoke with frontwoman Sarah last week and she let us know the band is in the States playing 3 shows. Well, 2 have passed, but there is one tomorrow night in Seattle at the Victory Lounge at 9:30pm PST. Four bands for $5, that's a lot of music for the price. If you're in Seattle and looking for something to do on a Tuesday, drop by the Victory Lounge and give the band a cheer, or three. Then buy them a drink.

More information on the show can be found here: Victory Lounge

For more information about Esper Scout:






New vinyl from Esper Scout

It's been a quiet week in the mailbox this week.  Perhaps my wallet needed the break, but I am afraid the it won't last long.  It never does.

A few weeks back I mentioned the band Esper Scout, and featured their latest song, 'Carpet of a Crest' as the Song of the Day.  I ordered the 7 inch featuring 'Carpet of a Crest' and 'Belay', and it was delivered yesterday.

Did I mention I don't own a turntable?  Of course I have, many times over.

New music in the mail

Lots of new music in today's mail -- Robert Plant's latest solo album, 'lullaby and ... The Ceaseless Roar', Interpol's 'El Pintor', Karen O's 'Crush Songs'.  I listened to the Plant and Interpol via NPR streams last week, and have heard a few of the cuts from Crush Songs, so I'm not diving into these blind, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't anxious to listen again.  But, the playing field just got a bit more crowded with the surprise release of a free U2 album, Songs of Innocence, on iTunes.

In all of that, I also downloaded the debut LP from Beverly, 'Careers', Two White Cranes debut eponymous LP, and Esper Scout's EP Belay. The Beverly and Esper Scout releases are also coming in vinyl.  Time to start listening.