New music from Menace Beach

Menace Beach was on my to-do list.  No joke.  When I heard their song Tennis Court a few weeks back, I penciled them in for a longer listen and a mention on this humble yet tiny corner of the internet.  I didn't listen to the 2nd song on the single, Lowtalkin'.

Today, on NME, Lowtalkin' was featured, and then a Twitter mention from Lan McArdle of Joanna Gruesome and Ides pushed me to this new song which she provided backing vocals -- Lowtalkin'.  While I enjoyed Tennis Court, Lowtalkin' blows it out of the water.  It's got this frenzied urgency about it that hooked me.  Give it a listen.  What do you think?

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Honeyblood releases video for Super Rat

Around my house, yes I know I use that phrase too much, a few artists/bands have been getting a lot of love lately.  The PINS, Bully, Sharon Van Etten, Ides, and Honeyblood all are keeping my ears pleasantly occupied, and even, at times, converting an unawares wife into a fan.  Well, Honeyblood released their debut album last week in the US, this week in the UK, and has been in the hacienda rotation since.  Now they've gone and done a video for Super Rat.  Love the song, and naturally love the video.

New music from Ides

Ides has released a new tune on her SoundcloudCicadas. A stark and lovely piano arrangement backs up her incredible voice in this newly released piece.  While I love her work with Joanna Gruesome, her vocal delivery on the solo material reveals a voice made for these whispered sufferings.  Prisms was the best song I heard in 2013, and this tune is more of the same.  If a full length album ever materializes, I'd be all over it.  

Listen right now, the song is free to stream and download.

Just noticed, it was hashtagged with #jovial.

New music from Ides

Ides has released a new tune, Giant.  I found it a few days ago while browsing Soundcloud, and was surprised to see it.  A quick check of her Twitter account revealed that she had set the song to private and had forgotten.  Anyway, it's a free download.  Typical muted, low-key, haunting yet damaged vocals, and fuzzed-up biting guitar sounds -- in other words, every thing that I like about every Ides tune.