Song of the Day - Cut Me Out by Trust Fund

In a few weeks, we'll get around to posting our favorite songs of the second half of 2014, 30 in all, 5 at a time. We're proud to count the Bristol based Trust Fund's 'Reading the Wrappers' as one of our favorites. The song was part of a split EP with another favorite around here, Joanna Gruesome, that we picked up on vinyl from HHBTM Records. Last week, the Bristol based band announced a full length, 'No One's Coming For Us', to be released February 9, 2015 onTurnstile Records, and in the process, released their infectious first single, 'Cut Me Out'. Something about falsetto vocals and loud fuzzy guitars that makes our toes tap uncontrollably, and we think you're going to like it too. Stream 'Cut Me Out' below, it's the Song of the Day.

No One's Coming For Us tracklist:

A: Sadness/Pay Each Other Back/Idk/Forevre/Cut Me out/Stomach

B: January/Westfield (Derby)/Essay To Write/Jumper/Unwieldy Foam

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Joanna Gruesome and Perfect Pussy team up for a 4-track EP

Joanna Gruesome and Perfect Pussy are teaming up for a split EP due out this fall with each band contributing one original song and one cover song for the release.  Joanna Gruesome with the original tune 'Psykick Espionage' and a cover of 90's emo band I Hate Myself's tune '...And Keep Reaching For Those Stars'.  Perfect Pussy will cover the Sugarcubes' tune 'Leash Called Love' with 'Adult World (The Secret)' being their original take.  Also included will be a 24-page comic by Phil McAndrew.

Listen to 'Psykick Espionage' below, it's a manic supercharged blast of garage punk with Alanna McCardle effortlessly bouncing between dreamy and screamy.  Fantastic!

When a solid release date is known, I'll update with ordering information.  Until then, enjoy streaming both tracks.

New music from Trust Fund

I'm going to go ahead and say the new tune from Trust Fund is their best yet.  Wow.  In the past, I've listened and enjoyed some of their work, but this new work really checks all the boxes of everything I like about rock and roll music.  Plus, the opening just has this amazing wistful quality that just sinks in and takes hold.  

I pre-ordered their split EP with Joanna Gruesome a few weeks back from HHBTM  Records based on the strength of the Joanna Gruesome tune 'Jerome (Liar)', and now after hearing 'Reading the Wrappers' I am glad I did.  Listen, love it, and order your copy.  

Joanna Gruesome reveal new music

Joanna Gruesome have released a song from their upcoming Art is Hard Records split with Trust Fund. The upcoming EP contains 3 songs from Joanna Gruesome and 3 songs from Trust Fund.  The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Trust Fund - Reading the Wrappers

2. Trust Fund - Scared

3. Trust Fund - No Pressure

4. Joanna Gruesome - Jerome (Liar)

5. Joanna Gruesome - Satan (desire edition)

6. Joanna Gruesome - Coffee Implosion

The first track, Jerome (Liar), is a masterful less than 2 minute blast of garage power pop goodness, and can be heard below.

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