Song of the Day - All the Things

Beverly's 'All the Things' is the perfect sun kissed and dreamy pop tune for the waning days of summer.  I can almost smell the sunscreen and chlorine.

My first taste of the band was a few weeks back with the catchy shoegazy tune, 'Honey Do'.  And after hearing Drew Citron's honeyed vocals on 'All the Things', I ordered the LP, 'Careers', in vinyl from Kanine Records.  My Song of the Day is 'All the Things', watch the video below.

New music in the mail

Posting around here will be light this weekend, as evidenced by the lack of content the last two days.  It's a holiday weekend, and I'm swamped, so no better time to step back for a few days.  But, I can't resist sharing a few new items that came in the mail this week.

After the PINS turned me on to Eternal Summers, I ordered their latest LP, The Drop Beneath from their Bandcamp page.  The album features this amazing song, 'Gouge'.  Listen below.

In a few short days, a package arrived from Kanine Records with a bonus LP.  The freebie is from a band called Dinowalrus, who I've never heard of, but I will very soon.

Then, a few days later, the debut LP from The Wytches, Annable Dream Reader found its way to my mailbox.  I opted for the CD this time.  Like a few other recent releases, I'd already a bit of the material, but I'm anxious to hear what they've filled the rest of the effort with.