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More free music, this time from  The CMJ Music Marathon is coming up this month in NYC and will feature some of Aimless Skylarking's favorite bands -- PINS, Amanda X and Bully.  A quick look at the lineup, and I see a few others that have gotten mentions here -- Hunters, Potty Mouth, RAC, & The Wytches.  Lots of other buzzy names I'm curious about as well.

I wish I had enough time off from work to attend, because I'd be all over this, however, 2 weeks of vacation time is all my company allows, which is sad, and I am saving for another UK trip.  Anyway, enough of my grumbling, over on, they're offering up a Marathon Mixtape featuring artists who will play at CMJ 2014, 26 tracks in all.  Go find your new favorite band, might I suggest starting with 'Waiting for the End' by the PINS.  Check it out below.  

Download the collection 


. (190mb in size)