The Replacements play the Tonight Show

The Replacements performed 'Alex Chilton' on The Tonight Show last night.  Since I'm not up that late most nights because of my early bird work schedule, I DVR'd the performance, and I am now watching it for the 4th or 5th time on YouTube.  I was able to see the band at the Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta earlier this year which fulfilled a 25 year old dream, and I'm still pinching myself because of it.  

I had grand plans of flying to Minneapolis this weekend to see their hometown show, but tickets sold out in seconds.  And, the monetary reality of the flight, tickets, food, hotel, and rental car finally sunk in.  It was about $2000 in all.  

I will see them again.  Enjoy their first television performance in 30 years below.   

The original video can be seen here. 

Photos from a Chvrches show

Back in the December, before they decided to rule the world, Chvrches played at the Exit/In in Nashville.  The venue is an institution with a history of landing big names for over 40 years -- The Police, The Replacements, Johnny Cash, R.E.M, and so on.  The venue might hold 500, but I don't think it sold out, it felt far from full.

At the time, I wasn't photographing shows.  At least not with a professional camera, I was using a Canon G15 for shows -- Robert Plant, The Joy Formidable, and Chvrches.  While it is a step up from a cell phone camera or most point and shoot cameras, it still didn't do terribly well in the darkness of a music venue especially with the crazy lighting at a Chvrches show.

Anyway, I was at the end of the stage, right in front of Iain and had a pretty good sight line to Lauren and Dok.  After a few attempts at getting a good shot, I gave in, slipped the camera into my pocket and enjoyed the show.  And it was a great one at that.

Later, when editing the photos, I discovered only 3 looked okay, more like poor, but I uploaded them to Flickr anyway.  Of those 3 photos, the one tagged Lauren Mayberry has the 4th most views, over 700, of all of my photos on Flickr.  Yet, it has not been favorited once.  It's not an interesting or great photo, at all.  Lauren isn't singing, or dancing, I think she was telling one of her nervous jokes, but still not one person has favorited the photo.  

I sort of understand it not being favorited at all.  But, it gets consistent views every day.  Then, knowing that this awful photo of Iain has been favorited once makes me laugh.  

The show was one of the funnest shows I've been to, energetic and intimate.  Next time they play Nashville, I would bet it will be in a lot larger venue and it will be sold out.    

Song of the Day - Blitzkrieg Bop

One of the biggest blindspots in my musical education is the Ramones.  Sure, have listened to the "hits", but don't know the deep cuts, and all of the curious information about the of the band.  Yesterday, the band lost the last original member of the band, Tommy Erdelyi.  Tommy played drums and grew tired of the touring life, leaving the band in the late 70's, but still hanging around to help in the studio and to manage things.  In the 80's, he produced quite possibly the finest work the Replacements and Paul Westerberg would ever create, Tim.  So, for today, a smile, a nod, and gentle goodbye to Tommy.  Today's Song of the Day is from the Ramones, possibly their most notable song, Blitzkrieg Bop.    

Song of the Day - My Favorite Thing

Listened to Let it Be over and over the past few days.  While I love I Will Dare, and a few others on the album, I'm beginning to think My Favorite Thing is the best song on the album.  The energy, Tommy's bass line, that riff, and, well, it's just everything that's good about the band.  Throwback Thursday for today's Song of the Day.