My favorite tracks of 2014 so far Part 3

Yesterday's ease, has become today's burden.  A nasty case of writer's block and some indecision about ordering has given me a bit of grief, but it seems to have passed.  I think I should be writing these missives deep in the night with a few drinks under my belt.  For those reading at home, deep in the night is like 11pm these days.  It seems each decade of life siphons away a good portion of midnight oil, and I've been bitten.  Enough with all this talk, here are my favorite songs of 2014 so far, selections 10 to 6.


10.  Jade by David Shayne

Purveyor of Sulky Noise lashes out with this angry rocker.  David has hinted at a full length effort and some live dates.  Let's hope he takes it on the road soon.

9.  Circles by Pujol

Nashville's Pujol snuck up on me with this clever offering.  There's a lot of life's truths tangled up in this garage pop masterpiece.  He's on the road supporting his new album, Kludge, check him out if you can.

8.  Conkers by Personal Best

Blistering power pop anthem from the Bristol, England 3-piece band.  Pure bounce around sing along fun, the rest of the 4-track EP doesn't disappoint either.  More, please!      

7.  Storms by Wolf Alice

The London based band gets bolder and bigger with each release.  A wall of guitar noise surrounds Ellie Rowsell's dark tale of friends and what you make of life.  Many are clamoring for a full length album from the band.

6.  Sea of Trees by BIRD

Dark and lovely masterpiece by the Liverpool based band.  Adele Emmas has always painted stunning visuals lyrically, now the orchestration matches her otherworldly vocals.  And it's a formidable pairing.  Incredible progression from earlier works.

Tune in tomorrow for the final 5 songs in my mid-year list.