7 Tracks We Didn't Miss

If you've been reading here, you'll know I'm constantly blabbing about how far I am behind. Email from publicists, labels, and artists arrives daily in droves. It's damn hard to keep up, obviously I don't. With a full time job, family, and other hobbies, I really only have time for 9-10 posts a week, if that. That means lots of good music that needs to be heard and shared slips through my fingers. So, I'm going to try to remedy that situation by doing as I've seen a few other blogs do, once a month or every two weeks, post 5-7  tracks I like that just got swept up in my busy life. This time out, I'm going to focus on bands or artists or small labels who submitted their work themselves. We love the DIY spirit, and think you'll like these artists.

Dark Train is an Indie Electronic band out of Brighton, UK consisting of Lauren Bateman and Marcel Ino. They submitted a Twin Peaks cover a good while back, but after a few listens, I liked some of their older stuff far better. They've opened for Aimless Skylarking favorite Empathy Test, so I've heard their name before. Now slowing down for a longer listen. Join me in checking out 'Jekyll and Hyde' below.

Tinmouth is a Philadelphia 3-piece, Timothy, Aaron and Alyssa, making indie pop/rock. They submitted their latest round of work, a full length entitled Says at the end of the year when I was busy revamping the website and it got buried in the swirl. When I circled back around for a focused listen, I enjoyed their fun sound. Stream the infectious 'physician, heal yrself' below.   

Denton, Texas artist Claire Morales has one of those voices that's a natural fit for folk rock music. It's strong, and vital, and doesn't waver under the material. To boot, a fantastic storyteller, the backbone to folk music, delivery is the heart.  And it's a big one. She submitted her latest LP, Amaranthine, which is available now. Not a bad track on the album, 'Hemlock' is a great starter. Stream it below.

Colour Of Spring are a Yorkshire, UK based lo-fi/ shoegaze four piece consisting of Shane Hunter, Robin Chamberlain, Tom Gregory and Bryce Gibson. They recorded their AA single ('Honey' and 'Skin') with MJ from the Hookworms at Suburban Home Studio in Leeds. Their label, Plastic Fish Records submitted the single in mid-January, it's available now. They had me at shoegaze. Stream 'Skin' below.  

Ward White is a Brooklyn based indie rocker.  He submitted his latest LP, Ward White Is The Matador (available now) a few weeks back, and I kept revisiting it during each attempt at taming the email inbox. There was something there I couldn't let go of, and still don't know what it is. Perhaps it's just me trying to dissect everything I hear, because there's a lot. Lots of ingredients in this satisfying stew. Have you first taste below, stream 'Drive Thru'.  

Maybe The Moon is Bay Area, California couple Karmen Kimball (vocals/keys) and Alex Lasner (guitar/keys). They submitted their latest track, 'Hammers See Nails' a few weeks back and I've been intrigued with it since. Electronic music is hard for me, always has been. But this moody synth heavy track broke through my hearty defenses and garnered several replays. You can't deny talented musicians. Stream 'Hammers See Nails' below.

Why We Run is the Sydney, Australia based indie pop band consisting of  Nic Cogels, Nick Langley, Ed Prescott and Lloyd Prescott. Lloyd submitted the band's video for 'Comfortable Lie' a few weeks back. What's interesting is that the director used the camera obscura technique, read up on it if you like, or just check out the video and learn as you watch. Another interesting fact, on the band's Soundcloud page, they're listed as having 2 drummers. Now that's even cooler. Watch the video below.